What Pipeworks Does

PowerShell Pipeworks does a lot more than most web languages.

The goal of Pipeworks is to be able to create web sites and services quickly, cheerfully, and nicely. The aim is to remove as many painful little parts of the process as possible.

Pipeworks provides the toolkit you'll need to write the frontend and backend of almost any application you can imagine. In other words, it helps you put it all together with PowerShell.

These tools fall into a few general categories:

Frontend Functions

One of the major differences between Pipeworks and, say, PHP, is the amount of functionality designed to help you generate HTML. Pipeworks contains many helper functions that write complex HTML for you, and it provides a Less.css template to help spruce up your site.

There are several different functions for writing HTML:

There's also a few helper functions for interacting with CSS: * Use-Less(view source) - This converts Less.CSS style sheets into CSS, using dotLess * Write-CSS(view source) - This translates between PowerShell hashtables and CSS style attributes

Dealing with Data

No matter what type of web site you build, storage comes into play. Pipeworks includes several functions to simplify using storage.

Pipeworks also includes several handy commands for dealing with user-related storage and authentication:

Sweet Software Services

Nowadays, no web site is an island. Many sites and services leverage well known and trusted web services to help lighten the load. Pipeworks includes a number of functions to interact with these software services.

Deployment Tools

Every site needs a little bit of setup. These commands can help you manage your deployments and configure your machines: