Putting it all together with PowerShell

PowerShell Pipeworks is a framework for writing Sites and Software Services in Windows PowerShell modules.

Pipeworks provides powerful tools to write websites in PowerShell.

It helps you pipe together tons of tech to write smarter software as a service.

The easiest way to explore pipeworks to to visit the web site http://powershellpipeworks.com/, or to build yourself a local copy.

To do this, make sure you:
  1. Download and Install PowerShell Pipeworks
  2. Enable IIS and ASP.NET
  3. Install the IIS URL Rewrite extension
  4. Change your local PowerShell execution policy to Bypass (Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Force)

Once you've done this, just open up PowerShell and run these three lines to create your local Pipeworks site and run it.

Import-Module Pipeworks             
ConvertTo-ModuleService Pipeworks -AllowDownload -Force             
Start-Process http://localhost/pipeworks            

Getting Started

Play with Pipeworks

Connecting the Clouds

Join Windows and Web